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God’s hand

By January 17, 2020 No Comments

Between my friends, family, and strangers I was told about this doctor Chow that is a Cancer Breast surgeon that was also on my insurance. They all were telling me how wonderful this doctor was. My OB wanted me to see another doctor, and God kept talking to me and telling me I didn’t want to be that far away from home. I did the biopsy, I went to see this Dr. Chow, she was what everyone had said. One of my sons kept trying to convince me to see another doctor. I kept telling him not to worry, God lead me to this doctor! God has his hand on my shoulder! My other son, was mom listen to God and do what you need to do. My daughter and husband were with me the whole time. The next day I was bomb with calls from this doctors office that they had set up all of these appointments. I’m so glad that God knows me, because if I have, had a lot of time to think, I would had talked myself out of going to these appointments. I’m still here to tell everyone how wonderful God is!