I’d been suffering with pain for several months and finally made an appointment with a specialist. My family doctor had ordered blood tests for allergies the week before my specialist appt. The test results came back the day before my specialist appointment. The wrong tests were run. I was so upset that somehow it had gotten mixed up. They ran. a full blood panel when they were supposed to be allergy tests.. I went to the specialist appointment the next day and he told me I had a very large tumor and it was cancer. He told me he needed me into surgery right away but would have to take blood and wait for the test results first. That’s when I told him I had gotten results of a full blood panel not 24 hours before. I knew, right there, at that moment,, that God had a plan, long before I knew it and He was taking care of me. I was scared but I had hope, and still do, that He will bring me through this. I know He is taking care of me each and every day! I thank Him every day for His love!