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Gods shows his power

November 23, 2016

On October 1 of this year, I attended an event to quick off breast cancer awareness. I never attend these events but for some reason this event caught my attention and I even asked my niece to join me. During my exam, a problem was detected and a series of test began. A week later, I was undergoing a diagnostic mammogram and ultra sound. After these test were completed, I was informed I was going to need to have a biopsy done. So 3 weeks after the beginning of this process I was scheduled for two different biopsies. Almost a month later, I was informed that I needed to gave a double mastectomy done, as I was a stage 0 cancer. Last week, I had my surgery and am happy to report that I am cancer free and recooperating better than expected. No chemo or radiation required. Praise God as he showed his mighty healing power. Thank you for all the prayers. I am a living testament God answers prayers.