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God’s Timing is PERFECT!

August 7, 2016

The day before I found out that I had Cancer, I had been to BS and was running errands afterwards. It was the wk the Fall fund raiser started last yr ~ I had stopped at a small shop, thinking it was one thing and the minute I walked in found it wasn’t ~ turned and walked back to the car ~ turned the car on and KCBI was playing. You were playing a message I had sent the Year before at another Fund Raiser ~ I had just moved back from AZ after my husband died. I was saying what God said to me shortly before he died. “Trust Me and I’ll bring across your path what I have for you.” Don’t remember anything else I said because the timing of my hearing the message was a miracle! I prayed, don’t know what I’ll hear tomorrow BUT know that You already have me COVERED! The sense that He literally POURED Peace over me and HE was right in front of me and already at the END of the Cancer journey. That PEACE hasn’t LEFT and I’m now Cancer Free. KCBI IS Family to me, thank you!