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God’s Timing is PERFECT!!!

December 16, 2015

KCBI has been such a blessing to my life, a message you hear over and over again ~ love every aspect of the ministry. Anytime I turn on my radio it’s on KCBI, well here is where God used a message that I sent over a yr ago, to SPEAK to me just the day before I was to go to the doctor to get the results of a CT Scan telling me I had Cancer.
I stopped to do an errand, walked in and the thougth was NOT now so turned and left ~on starting my car, the radio came on and it said, this is Bettie from Euless and it played my message. I sat there and was speechless/chills all I could say, ‘Father I don’t KNOW what UP or what’s coming BUT You DO and I feel that you’re AHEAD of me already at the destination’. At that moment a PEACE came over me that hasn’t left since!!!
Then this morning ~ you played the message AGAIN and once more the Father said I heard your prayer and told you to TRUST ME, I’ve completed 3 rds of treatment and God’s PEACE is still FLOWING!!! Thank you KCBI!