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Going to get a psychosexual assessment

By June 30, 2020 No Comments

I posted on the prayer wall”

I was arrested in an online sting which I had fallen far away from reality. I’m still working and wanting help with my addiction but the psychosexual evaluation costs more than I have and I still need to pay my lawyer. I pray that I would be blessed with the funds to get started with treatment. I’ve been so depressed and filled with worry that my wife will finally leave me and I would be alone. She is perfect yet my sexual addiction has torn me from reality and my family. I hate myself greatly. I want to change and be filled with Christ in all areas of my life”

I’m able to take the assessment at half the price and get started in my recovery. All I can say is thank you everyone for your prayers but please don’t stop I know I have a long recovery the poison has been in my mind sense I was 8 and I’m turning 37. I don’t want this in my life anymore in the name of Jesus