Please agree with me in prayer that my husband return unto the Lord. He found out that there is a possibility that he has an daughter in another state and he would like to meet her but do not want to have a DNA test. He expressed to her that he wishes she is his daughter. He thought that he could not have children in the past but is believing God has reversed it. I do not have any problems with the situation if she is his child but if she is not, there is not need to build a father-daughter relationship with a stranger whom he has never seen. As his wife, he is disrespecting me because all I want is the truth. He is saying that he wants time with her. It saddens me that our marriage means that little to him. I see the hand of the enemy. He is blinding him to the things of God. He is very disrespectful to me and our marriage and I am considering giving his space. Please agree with me in prayer that my son is released from jail and he can start his life over. God bless & Thx u