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Grace for today

By April 12, 2017 No Comments

Jeff & Rebecca thank you for the reminder that God gives us Grace for today & tomorrow’s Grace WILL be there again. I struggle with depression. I am preparing to reveal my depression Journey to my Dad. I will be very vulnerable to him. Our relationship is NOT a good one. So much pain from the past. Yesterday while putting together my notes I experienced panic attacks,, extreme lows, & questioning my ability to have the actual conversation if just preparing gave me extreme reactions.. I mean, why purposely place myself in the situation that may hurt me again. Yet I know this is an obstacle I must conquer. Today I can still feel my depression at the edge. I do spend a lot of time relying on God’s promises as a stategy. Your words reminding me that God’s grace will be there each day was a balm to me. Not to take on the worries of the talk yet to come but be confident that God will be there in that moment as well.