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Graced For the Journey

By June 17, 2019 No Comments

My story began on Thursday, September 12, 2012 when I left home with a seemingly healthy spouse, we both had great jobs, serving heavily in the various aspects of ministry and although life was challenging in some ways we were happy and moving forward. On that same evening around 6:00pm my whole world as I knew it changed suddenly, I arrived home to my spouse, Audie Murphy, who I found lying on the floor in a horrific fetal position repeating over and over again as I called out his name; he said, “I am in here babe, I am alright, don’t worry.” However, when I found him, he was anything but alright. He was clinging for his life right before my eyes. The next six years of our lives have been plagued with challenges that are at times unbearable but for the true grace of our Lord and Savior. There are moments that I literally want to run away and scream with my hands lifted up in the air asking, “God how much more can we bear?” Still God has been faith in the midst of them all!