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Have You Ever Heard of a Baby Shower at 30,000 Feet? Neither Had These New Parents

By February 13, 2020 No Comments

You don’t have to have kids of your own to be familiar with the commotion that takes place when you’ve got children on a plane. You feel for the parents as they’re carrying around strollers and bags and car seats and a baby that has to get situated. This was the case for a couple named Dustin and Caren. They were flying with their child and I was just stunned by what ensued next thanks to flight attendants on board.

As Dustin gets up to change his new baby’s diaper, heĀ starts talking with one of the flight attendants. This flight attendant finds out that Dustin and Caren have just adopted their new daughter and are bringing her home for the first time. As they head back to their seats, Dustin and Caren are surprised to hear the flight attendants come over the intercom to introduce the rest of the passengers on board to their brand new child. Then, midair, they decided they were going to throw this family a baby shower by passing out napkins to write words of encouragement and advice for the new parents!

The thing I want to encourage you with is no matter what you may do for a living, you have the ability to step out and encourage someone whos walking into your world. What a beautiful blessing from God!