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Have You Ever Tried To Teach God Something?

By April 14, 2021 No Comments

Has there ever been a moment you’ve tried to teach God something?

I know you probably think this question is silly and you’d be right, it is. God is the creator of the universe, what could I ever teach him? Well let me share with you my moment of immaturity where I tried to do just that.

I was 17 years old and was with my youth group teaching English to kids from the Czech Republic and the first night of camp I noticed a girl started praying in her native language of Czech. I remember¬†thinking it was beautiful, but I got worried thinking God wouldn’t understand this girl because I couldn’t understand her. So in my ignorance, I took a shot at translating her prayer so God could understand her when in reality I made God out to be too small. God understood her perfectly, not because God excelled in some foreign language class (lets be clear, he would), but because God was and will always be so much bigger than whatever expectations we could have of him. I’m so thankful for that.