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having hope

April 24, 2015

Hi my name is Araceli and I just wanted to give a brief summary of my family. I have 4 beautiful children ages of 9,8,6&3 & a wonderful husband. My youngest daughter had been battling cancer for 2 yrs now of leukemia. 3 mths on her cheomotheraphy she had a cardiac arrest. As I’m still holding her in my arms while the doctor is doing chest compressions on my lap. The only thing I did is pray to the lord to bring her back. 25 mins felt forever. We have been in this roller coaster with our daughter. Due to the fact that he lost his job because my daughter would always be hospitalized. He had to care for the other three at home. It was very hard. With little help that we had. Now as time pass by my husband made some mistakes in his life and is now incarcerated. We know that he will be away for quiet some yrs. & now I have been struggling more than ever by myself with my 4 kids. The thing that encourages to keep going is the words of faith. We both listen to 90.9.