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He didn’t turn His back on Me, I turned mine on Him!

May 12, 2015

I have lived 45 of my 52 yrs in abuse which has had an adverse effect on my life. On 2/12, because I acted badly, out of anger, I was arrested, removed from my home, and was not allowed to come back for 30 days. I lived in a motel for over 2 months. Because of this, my husband has lost tolerance of me but, not his love for me. We are currently separated, which is causing much pain for both of us. Once I was released from jail, I was in my car driving, praying prayers of desperation! I had never been a listener of Christian stations, although I am a Christian. As I was crying, driving, and praying, I began searching through radio stations and came across 90.9! It was the best thing I ever did! God began speaking to me through the songs! It truly filled me with HOPE that I would get through this! And, that God had already forgiven me! Today, my husband and I are working to repair the damages done! I have the relationship with God I have always wanted and never knew how to get! THANK YOU!



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