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He Is The Bravest Person In The New Testament, But He’s Only Known For His Failure

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If you’ve read the Gospels at any point, you remember one of the disciples, Thomas, or as most people call him, “Doubting Thomas.”

He is known for the time he was in the upper room after Jesus had been raised from the dead and had appeared to some of the disciples and he had responded to those disciples saying that he wouldn’t believe that Christ had risen until he placed his hands on the wounds.

But we forget about something that happens in John 11 which is where Jesus tells his disciples that they need to go back to the city where his friend Lazarus lives because Lazarus had fallen asleep. When Jesus and the disciples head back towards Lazarus, the disciples try to talk Jesus out of going back and even protest to Jesus since they keep saying that the Jews wanted to kill him so they should make their way towards Jerusalem.

However, Thomas spoke up and said something truly powerful. He said in John 11:16: “Let us also go, that we may die with him.” Think about this, when we think about the great apostles, we think about John the beloved whom Jesus loved, we think about Peter, even though he denied Jesus 3 times, and yet Thomas is the one that we call “Doubting Thomas.” We identify him by his mistakes.

Isn’t that precisely what we tend to do? We tend to look at ourselves and other people and the mistakes that they made and we refuse to let them graduate from it. That’s a really bad thing. We really need to make a very intentional effort to remember that all of us are broken, we all make mistakes, and if we’re in Christ, none of us are defined by those mistakes.

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