My mother was having what they thought was sinus infections/tonsillitis for 2 years. She was choking and couldn’t eat. She had lost weight and didn’t look well. She was finally sent to an ENT who ran some tests. The diagnosis was malignant neuplasm tonsil. The doctor wanted to do surgery immediately. She decided to get a second opinion and the diagnosis was the same. We asked for prayer at our church and others and also KCBI. It was two days after the surgery we were told the cancer was contained in the tonsil. The doctor said treatment depended on what the pathology report said. We received the pathology report yesterday. It was just an infected tonsil and she required no more treatment! That’s a miracle! What was showing on all the tests as cancer was turned into an infection. Praise God for his grace, mercy and love! Thank you all for praying!