Praise Wall

Healing for my brother

Join me in prayer for my brother Robert who is imprisoned with an illness that he was diagnosed with here lately. He has been imprisoned for 3yrs within this time he had requested to be place in a faith formation unit where he could study the word of the Lord and he was granted this request – praise the Lord. In the past 9 mos. he has come to know the Lord- growing in faith. Just this past week he was told that he will need surgery to remove a spot in his liver, there is also a mass on his lung. I’m asking the KCBI family to please join me in prayer for my brother that this will come to past and the Lord will place his healing hand on him so that he can come home soon and be with his family and help spread the word of God to others. I ask the Lord not to let my brother’s life end in a prison, to please grant him time to b a servant out in the free world and help rescue others like him. Robert has a good heart his weakness was Alcoholic addiction pls pray that God will grant him grace.