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May 6, 2016

On January 20, I had a procedure on my heart to address AFIB. I was released on the 23rd and suffered a stroke that very night. Apparently the stroke was caused by a blood clot that formed in or near the heart as a result of the procedure. I was rushed to the hospital and immediately admitted to intensive care. I had no use of my left arm and leg when admitted. While I was in ICU, I realized that I had hate and bitterness in my heart for a particular person. It was so intense, it hurt my witness for the Lord and impacted my family life. I began to pray and not only asked God for His healing but also His forgiveness and for the removal of the hate in my heart. God instantly removed the hate and over time, healed me. Today, my heart is strong and functioning normally. There are no leftover effects of the stroke and my doctor calls my recovery “miraculous”! I have been healed spiritually has well as physically and I Thank God daily for that!