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Home burned down & I’m very ill

By March 5, 2022 No Comments

My home just burned down & I had no insurance & I’m old & sick & homeless now.
I am Brenda Pitts Bennett DOB 5-7-1954. I live on SS disability widow woman benefits so I’m very poor. I’m very ill from chronic Lyme disease, heart disease, thyroid, stomach hernia, cirrhosis, spleenology, kidney cysts,10 mm lung nodules, uterus mass, kidney cysts, chrome disease, MS, etc. I’m in hospital a lot. I need a home so badly. I pray to at least have a 2 bedroom & 2 bath because my 45 yr old daughter stays wth me a few nights a week to help me & me to help her because we have chronic Lyme disease from ticks & weve already lost my 21 yr old & lifetime husband from this disease. We have NOTHING now! We’d love some beds, clothes & the like. Plz help us by u hopefully telling ur audience
just a tiny bit of a huge story. Thank u & God bless, Brenda Pitts Bennett text 214 434 0525
Text 214 434 0525
Temp address is 327 Gilpin Ave Building 1 Apt 204 Dallas TX 75211