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Home & Free From Prison

By April 14, 2019 No Comments

After 21 years in prison my chains are broken. I am now free. Praise God. My Wife lost Her mother 3 years ago and went into a deep depression.Then she had a bad accident. I thank God she is still with us. Two years ago she was diagnosed with cancer. After prayer and operation she is now cancer free. KCBI was our prayer partner and prayed for us. God has answered them prayers. Im so thankful that they were they for us. Our home we own was unoccupied for a couple of years and rodents took over our home. I have been trying to reach out for help to find plastic bins and boxes to store what was not destroyed so I can clean our home. Im needing plastic storage bins, boxes, shop vac, a steam cleaner and a lawn mower. Im willing to do the work myself. The appliances are completely destroyed. I would like to clean them up but don’t know if they would still be sanitary to use. Im not sure what to use or throw away. Im at 4506 Larue St right off of Cockrhill Rd. Dallas Tx. God Bless & Thanks