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Hope in jail

March 28, 2016

My son Joshua is 24 and got six years in jail for aggravated robbery. He was supposed to get paroled after three years this January. He had no cases in prison or in any trouble at all. After a year there he was baptized and had been studying the bible and also holding bible studies with other inmates. After two years he was transferred to a work camp as a trustee. Anyway I have a terminal illness according to doctors but I am saved by Jesus. Nonetheless I was devastated because I thought he would get out so sadly I went to see him. He is 250 miles away. He was happy as a lark because now he was going to work for Habitat for Humanity and he got a carpenters licence while he’s been there so he will have hands on training on building houses. He’s starting on building a house from scratch April 1st. So God always changes everything the devil planned for evil to something good. Have faith and pray without ceasing. He is always with you even if it does not feel like it some days.