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Hope in the darkness

September 15, 2016

I am a single mother of 2 teenagers.
My ex husband owes over $16,k in unpaid child support. I work 100 hours a week and him 0 because he wont apply for a job he doesnt want to do an apparently there is no job fitting his “needs”.
So I got evicted and had 5 days to put all of my stuff in storage and find people who could each take one of my kids, had to give our ducks and chickens to another friend and I sleep in my car.
I have a spot in a RV park, but the RV I planned on buying was sold out from under me. I was ready to kill myself, when I turned on KCBI and got hope.. I cried out to God and hes given me peace, and I am waiting on what he has in store for us. I know that yielding to his will and letting him work things out, despite my wanting to push things into my timeline, I am feeling peace. Im getting financially on my feet and seeking His kingdom first. I get frustrated at times, but I call out to Jesus and feel peace again. My favorite song is Shackles by Mary Mary,I have hope!