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Hope in the midst of grief.

By December 14, 2019 No Comments

Back in the 1990’s I listened to Kcbi it gave me joy and teaching I loved it. Then as life happens I had a shift change and stopped listening. On July 13,2019 my husband of nearly fifty years passed away in his sleep.It has been a tough time for me and our children as he was much beloved by us.Just the other day I dialed the tuner on my rent car and there was Kcbi it has been a great solace to me. I enjoy the music and the teaching and decided to join the community by helping to support your ministry. I will always miss my dear one, but listening to your station has been making my days brighter thank you so much! I know I will see him again and that he is in a place of joy and peace and now I am finding some of that peace myself.