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Hope Is Never Lost In Christ

By October 3, 2022 No Comments

Thank you to everyone who made our Fall Fundraiser such a success! Because of you, we reached our goal! There are stories I heard this past week that I will never forget, like those from Betty and Brandle.

Betty is originally from Louisiana but moved to Texas 2 years ago and said KCBI has been a blessing to here since the moment she moved here. Currently, Betty is homeless but said she wanted to give to a ministry that has given so much to her.

Brandle is living in a women’s shelter but wanted to give as a testament to anyone else who may be in her situation that God is in control.

What struck me about their stories was despite their circumstances, Betty and Brandle both spoke with such hope and reliance on God. They both may be without a home, but neither are without hope. Hope is never lost in Christ.