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Hope Lives

April 23, 2015

My beautiful believing son took his life 3 years ago at the age of 29. Simply put he lost hope. He was plagued by the imprisonment of addiction. He was on his 5th day of withdraws in our home when I believe the enemy pierced his mind and destroyed the Hope of our eternal savior. The enemy saw our son determined to eliminate the addiction and came in for the grand attack on his mind. I’m sure Blake was told he was worthless, guilty, a loser etc, and he won. However, I KNOW God is holding Blake and has healed him of all of his pain and no longer struggles…b/c of His promises. As a mother I prayed for healing every day, it wasy dream for an earthly healing but God chose an eternal healing. Blake knew the Lord, but when the enemy is threatened…beware, your faith must push it’s roots deeper and deeper. I have continued hope I will see Blake again in our eternal home. Your programs speaks to me daily. They encourage me with His word and stories that keep my Hope alive. Blessings Jill