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Hoping for a miracle

November 1, 2016

Just got married, two months, Been for two years, We had a trouble two years with lies and deceit, I had my share of misgivings but most of them verbal, she had of the flesh, I forgave her, and we got married, I thought i did forgave her of her actions were gone . but the enemy kept pressing and made a stronghold in my mind. We had an argument, and she left, and she went back with ex and moved him in in five days after we broke up, I know she loves God, but when we got married we vowed to make it work no matter what, Now she says God is leading her for her to get her family back what the enemy stole, they have not talked for two years, I will not compete with God if he is directing her. She told me she can learned to love him in time, I am at a loss, If God is leading her, I am in no place to speak, I am asking for prayers, to soften her heart, After two years being with her, we should have tried to worked it out, I made mistakes, I have faith, please pray for her and me.