Share Hope with First Responders

There seems to be no end in sight to triple digit temps in DFW. And many of our neighbors, including first responders, can’t avoid the dangerous heat.  You’re invited to encourage them as they respond to sick calls, battle fires, and protect DFW.  Here’s how:

    1. Order FREE Faith Hope Love cards through this link: The Faith Hope Love Experiment – 90.9 KCBI FM
    2. Then, drop off gift cards or a treat at your local fire department, or if you happen to see them in line at the drive-through, pick up their meal. Simply tell them, “Thank you!” Or, “We see you. We’re so grateful.”
    3. When you do, be sure to give them a Faith Hope Love card and ask them to share their story with KCBI.
    4. That’s it!

Balch Springs Outreach

Twenty-six homes were damaged, nine destroyed when flames burned out of control in the Spring Ridge area of Balch Springs.  Thankfully, no one was hurt.  You can help families that lost everything by donating clothes, canned goods or bottled water through the Opal J. Smith Food Pantry, 2919 Balch Springs Rd., Balch Springs, TX  75180.  Learn more here: Sharing Life Outreach – Opal J. Smith Food Pantry or call 972-895-3117.

Help the Homeless

Our homeless neighbors are also impacted. OurCalling, a discipleship ministry to the homeless in DFW, is reaching out to them with “Beat the Heat” Kits.  The ministry is accepting donations of sunblock and lip balm, sunglasses, sun visors or hats, new and re-usable insulated water bottles and instant cooling towels.  Learn more about how you can help through this link: Life-Threatening Weather | OurCalling

If YOU need help to keep cool: