Mornings with Rebecca & Burns

How Is Your Netiquette?

It appears that as technology has progressed over the years that our habits in relating to other people have gone along with it. However, a new term has been coined describing our behavior when it comes to interactions over digital forms of communication and it is netiquette.

Now while this list may have some valid points, Rebecca, Don & Jay find a lot of faults with what is considered rude when it comes to email, phones, and electronic messaging.

  1. Punctuation In A Text Message Is Considered Rude (We definitely didn’t agree with that.)
  2. Respect Downtime (We had mixed ideas of what that exactly meant, but overall, we agreed.)
  3. Never ever leave a voicemail. (We’re not really sure why that is considered rude considering that people don’t have to listen to them.)
  4. Schedule All Calls, Even With Friends (Rebecca sort of agreed with this but Jay & Don thought that was ridiculous.)

If you’d like to read the full article that was referenced in this podcast, you can click here!