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How To Fail Forward When You Fail

Shame and failure go hand and hand, but author and Bible teacher Chad Bird says that should not be the case. Chad shares his personal failure story with Rebecca Carrell and Liz-Rod-on-the-Pod (Rodriguez) and encourages us to let God use our failure on this powerful and encouraging episode of Honest Conversations by HeartStrong Faith.

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Chad Bird is an author and speaker who is devoted to honest Christianity that addresses the raw realities of life with the Good News of Jesus Christ. He has served as a pastor, professor, and guest lecturer in Old Testament theology and Hebrew. He is a regular contributor to Christ Hold Fast, 1517, and Mockingbird Ministries, and he co-hosts the popular podcast, “40 Minutes in the OT.” He holds master’s degrees from Concordia Theological Seminary and Hebrew Union College. He has contributed articles to many journals and websites, including Christianity Today, The Gospel Coalition, Modern Reformation, The Federalist, and Lutheran Forum. He is also the author of several books, including “Night Driving: Notes from a Prodigal Soul”, “Your God Is Too Glorious: Finding God in the Most Unexpected Places”, and “Upside-Down Spirituality: The 9 Essential Failures of a Faithful Life”. Chad and his wife Stacy have four children and two grandchildren. They enjoy life together in the Texas Hill Country.

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