Mornings with Rebecca & Burns

How To Get Past A Painful Break-Up

Going through a breakup is never easy and with it being the holidays, it can feel a lot worse if it has happened to you around this time. That’s why Rebecca (a board-certified Psychologist-hobbyist) is going to share some good tips on what it takes to overcome a painful break-up and some of the best ways to handle it.

1. Unfollow/Unfriend Them On Social Media: You don’t want to know what they are up to and generally speaking, it’s just better if you just rip the band-aid off and break it off on social platforms. It doesn’t mean that you can be friends later, but for now, this is probably what’s best.

2. Get Moving: Exercise is such a valuable gift from God that not only helps us remain healthy but actually produces chemicals in our brain that help us to feel emotionally better.

3. Get Busy: Find something new that you haven’t done before and go explore it! Whether that’s a class, activity, or new hobby, make sure it’s something that will allow your mind to drift away from thinking of the break-up.

4. Serve/Volunteer: If you were to ask a counselor, they would tell you that volunteering and allowing yourself to benefit others with your time and help is extremely beneficial to your mental health.