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How To Relax In 2 Easy Steps

By December 29, 2020 No Comments

Maybe it’s not even as much about being relaxed as it is about being aware.

Here’s how to relax.

1) Release your shoulders. Just let them fall loose. Maybe it’s been days, weeks, maybe months since you’ve been able to just take the load off your shoulders.

2) Now unclench your jaw. How many times have you just been grinding your teeth due to a tight jaw this year? Probably more than you remember.

Here’s my point in doing this: your body has a way of carrying theĀ burdens that you have, whether or not we give it permission. Are we going to be aware of it and try and manage it usefully? Or are we going to be unaware and continue to allow our bodies to bear that burden?

Remember this: God is right here. Right now. Present. In this moment. And everything is going to be okay because he’ll gladly carry those burdens.