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How to stop a headache

August 27, 2015

This isn’t really earth shattering but to me it seemed wonderful!

I had a headache that traveled down my neck and I was having a hard time that I didn’t feel like was making it worse. I had the lights off and tried turning one direction and then the next. I finally stopped and prayed.

I reminded myself and told God how amazing he was and my gratitude for knowing me and watching me.
I asked him to please get the headache away, that it seemed such a small thing to ask when so much worse was in the world. My thoughts drifted for a few seconds I admit..

Then I realized = the headache was gone.
It hadn’t faded slowly – it was just gone.
I got up, I turned on the light and went to tell my mom how amazing God was.

God is amazing – not only is he ready to solve the problems that effect many and seem impossible but he was willing to help me from a headache.

Thank you Lord.



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