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Humility in Hardship

February 15, 2015

With a rocky foundation at home, school was what I used to distract myself–always made honor roll and always the captain and/or president of a team or club. I went to private school, which usually costs quite a bit of money. Senior year I was accepted to over 20 universities and had scholarship offers accumulating in several hundred thousand dollars, including 3 full ride offers. I would escape by going to school far away and never look back. But in February before graduation, I was told that my parent blew my high school tuition money and that I owed the school $13K. I wouldn’t receive my high school diploma because of the debt, therefore would be unable to send final transcripts to any of the universities who had admitted me.
While I was devastated and had no clue what I would do, I knew that God would see me through and had a plan greater than mine. He humbled me and drew me close to Him through this experience, leading me to accept my calling I wouldn’t have heard otherwise.