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I am rescued

January 9, 2015

Life has been rough, tough, and painful. I’m disabled and sick and in pain. My family abandoned me when I learned to say “No More” after a lifetime of physical, emotional, sexual abuse from my earliest memories. My childhood was hell.

But you know something? I’m saved. Jesus CHOSE me and He came looking for me and He found me and he SAVED me.

It seems like my whole life has slipped away from me. Yes, it’s not a pleasant experience, but at some point, there’s not much dross left to burn off the gold. Is this really happening to me? It seems too good to be true when I think of it that way. But yet, it is true. It’s the only true thing in my mostly hellish life. It’s so impossible to imagine, but sometimes I can see that Jesus is actually making me pure. I want so much to be rid of this body and life of filth. He’s answering that deep desire in me.

Jesus rescued me and He has never let me go and He will never let me go and He is making me clean.