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I appreciate breathing more than ever

September 28, 2015

On Sept 12went to ER. Could barely breathe. Extreme pain and short of breath The staff interpreted me as rule out heart attack. Which they did. I was diagnosed with bronchitis. Continued through last week with extreme shortness of breath and pain it was advised to return ER. A week ago yesterday I was diagnosed with multiple blood clots in my lungs . He looked me in the face with a little bit of shock on his face he said you have massive amounts of blood clots in both lungs you actually shouldn’t be alive you should be dead how do you feel I said thankful that I got a diagnosis a little scared that I could be dead I could die very easily let God came and comforted me and has been comforting me this whole time and I’m asking for continued prayers because my oxygen levels are still going very low when I get up and do activities I am in rehabilitation now I feel I have faced death and I have a certain piece about me that I have not had before this I praise the Lord in this situation that he is showing me things that I would never have seen before thank you very much I hope someone get something out of this I certainly am!



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