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I believe that you believe

By September 20, 2020 No Comments

I recently was let go from my job,and after two weeks of looking for another job my hope started to fade. 2020 has been very challenging for me as it has for many,but for the past few months my anxiety has been off the charts, and with the pandemic and school starting it was all I could think about,and one day I just started crying out to the Lord”why me,lord help me”but no answer. I was really starting to lose faith by now,so I started sending out prayer request to KCBI prayer center like I have so many times,because I believed that you believed and sometimes that’s enough(James 5:16). A few days later as I was driving through my neighborhood I saw one of them yard signs that construction companies put out so I called,and spoke with the owner of the company and he said he was interested in talking to me and if I would come in for a interview. I got the job!, making twice the amount I was from my last job. I know that because of the people who prayed for me here at KCBI I have a job.