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I Don’t Know

November 12, 2016

I was marry for 27 in a half years 4 years my marriage came to a end . I was in solve I never saw it felt abandonment lost fear hurt not live bitterness . I left with the clothes in my car didn’t know where to how I was going to live . A deacon in church, confess still say he love God got a girlfriend and still marry to me. Was in the military all those years , he don’t want a divorce all about the money he have to give to me for 27yrs. I want this over as soon as possible been here in Tx for 4 years God had really been a blessing me still struggling in my financial but I know God has a plane for help me to be free of this relationship with being broken heart . I know God love me help with my unbelief.I have hope I listen to you all everyday at work love you getting better.If you read this on the please don’t say my name. Love yah