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I Got Fat In Quarantine and Song of Solomon Is Mending My Frustration

By August 6, 2020 No Comments

I got fat in quarantine… and I’ve got plenty of feelings about it.

Honestly, it wasn’t too hard. I mean we’re in quarantine dealing with a pandemic, tasty treats we’re at my disposal, and those stretchy pants didn’t give the most accurate of measurement. All joking aside, I gained a lot of weight and found my comfort in food which isn’t the most comfortable thing to share.

But the reason I do is this: it’s so easy to heap judgment, anger, shame onĀ ourselves and it’s got to stop. It’s only adding more reason to feel the need to escape and find comfort in things that don’t benefit us. As frustrated as I am, what if I spoke to myself in the same way that Jesus gently beckons each of us?

I love the way that it’s said in Song of Solomon. Yes, Song of Solomon. In verse 10, chapter 2 it says, “rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away with me.” What if whatever stressful things that are in our lives that overwhelm us, what if in those moments we were to run to the beckoning of Jesus over the things we’ve chosen to find comfort in? When we’re with Jesus, there’s peace, there’s protection, clarity. THAT is the ultimate comfort. Sorry Doritos, but Jesus is calling.