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December 28, 2015

Hi my name is Kim, I am a Jail Minister at a County Jail in the area. I am also a born again Christian with a story of HOPE and GRACE. I didn’t just one day think, hmm… I want to be involved in jail ministry! I am a recovering Methamphetamine addict of 25 years, I have been clean 8 years now, and I owe it all to JESUS. See I battled that lost cause by myself for years with NO HOPE , until one day I gave it to God and let him take over my life. And a new creature was born, see that jail that I minister in weekly happens to be the one I was locked up in more times than I care to count. And that County paid for my rehabilitation & counseling therapy to help me live a normal life as i now know it! I go and share ever week how you can’t change with in yourself, but with God’s help all things are possible & i feel a since of giving back to a community that helped me. Because a drug addict needs HOPE!