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I met my son’s Angel

By May 19, 2017 No Comments

Our son was born 5 weeks early and spent the first 2 weeks of his life in the hospital. We were uncertain that he was going to make it; I spent a lot of time in prayer. One day, as my wife was nursing him behind a glass room, one of our Pastor’s came to visit us. As we were speaking a lady walks up and started a pleasant conversation with us; as if she knew us. Before she left she said, “We are praying for him”. As she walked away our Pastor commented what a lovely lady she was and asked “who was she?” I said that I did not know, “I thought she was a member of our Church”; to his reply, “No?” As she went around a corner, with us following her, we turned the corner and she was not there. Later my wife asked me, “Who was that lady you and the Pastor were talking too?” That day I knew that my son will be fine because God sent an Angle and answered our prayers. Zechery, who is now 27, has great ambitions for his life, loves the Lord and plays the piano beautifully.