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I need to be set free

December 29, 2016

My journal started 2012, when my husband of 27 in a years decide that he didn’t want to be marry anymore . I didn’t know what life look like with him. My life totally change so quickly . I did t no where to turn I didn’t want to stay in the same town it was to small where everybody knows your name. , so I packed all my clothes and came to Texas to stay with a cry good friend.It was a hard journal , marry but no divorce cost to much because he know that since I been with him all while he was in the military I get half of everything . Had girlfriend number 3 a deacon in the church go to the nurse home talking about Jesus .i wish I could afford to get a divorce it’s going on 5 years he still don’t want no divorce I tried of living like this I don’t want him back I just want to be free from this relationship .. But I still have hope one I will be set free of him .