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I Regret Giving My Nephew A Birthday Present

By April 29, 2019 No Comments

I regret taking this cutie shopping for his birthday.

I took him to the toy aisle in Target and it was more about my ego than celebrating him turning 4!I didn’t show wisdom in my decision. I showed competitiveness and a lack of understanding of 4 year old brains.

Four year olds don’t have the same concept of money as you or I would. And somewhere in the aisle while I was waiting for him to land on his choice I thought “this is stupid…I’m doing this for me.”

The presents that I truly love giving are experiences. The gift of time. Taking him on an adventure outdoors, building forts in the backyard, going to an empty parking lot and letting him ‘drive’ while on my lap. Making memories together is what I want to give to my nephews. And this year I got distracted and competitive with my sisters to be favorite aunt and I lost sight of what I really want to accomplish.

We do that. We look around and we lose our place, we need to stay in our lane. You love giving books, give a book, you love doing shopping trips, do that! And for me I have to tell myself, give the gift of time Lo. Because me giving a gift to feed my ego…that’s not the gift I want to give this precious boy!

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