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I see now that some just won’t like me.

By June 21, 2017 No Comments

Jeff and Rebecca, my name’s Lucy, & I live near Downtown Fort Worth, & I want to thank you for presenting the article on social media, blaming people for issues, & spending money on things you need, on June 21st, 2017. I recently lost a friend, whom I met online. During our last talk, she called me a racist & an anti-Semite because I believe that Judaism’s God & Christianity’s God are the same. She called Christ & white Christians liars & thieves. I found out during our friendship that she’s far Left politically & socially, but I hoped we could still be friends. She cut ties with me almost 3 weeks ago because of my ‘white nonsense’. I apologized for everything, but that did no good. Apparently you can’t talk about race, religion, etc if you’re a white Christian. I blocked her & have left most of social media. I’m just sad that I tried to talk to her about Christ, & it didn’t work. I love everyone, & all I want to be is a kind person who loves God. I hope you’re all well.