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I Witnessed Kindness In Action

By August 22, 2022 No Comments

I was out this weekend at a store making a return when I saw a security guard in yelling at the young lady, “You don’t have any shoes on!” and a customer added, “She stinks and she’s talking to herself, too!”, but what happened next is something I had to share with you.

This other woman, I’ll call her Mrs. D, noticed the commotion, walked to the young woman in question and asked, “May I help you?”

The young woman, embarrassed, just looked at the ground and said in a whisper, “I am so sorry, but I just wanted to look around”

Mrs. D then said, “I meant, may I buy something for you?”

The young woman suddenly looks up making eye contact and immediately began to cry. “You would do that for me? No one has ever been nice to me.”

Mrs. D said “Pick out whatever you want, but may I buy you some comfortable sneakers too?”

The young lady looks towards the ground and whispers that she can’t wear shoes because she has blisters all over her feet, but she would love some sandals.

After picking out her new belongings she whispers to Mrs. D as other shoppers watch, “I’m so sorry, but may I stand in line with you?”

Mrs. D says of course while asking the young woman what happened to put her in this position. The young lady shared that she was from Garland but had fallen on hard times and promised to pay her back to which Mrs. D replied with smile, that she didn’t have to do that.

As they checked out, Mrs. D handed her some money for food and asked if she needed a ride somewhere, the young woman said no, she would be alright but added, “I hope I see you again.”

Mrs. D smiled and said, “I hope so too…”