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I won

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I got married young. He had drinking problems. I became pregnant. He started hitting me and shoving me, then kicking me in the stomach. The baby would jump and flutter around. He was getting kicked too. I eventually left and was renting a bedroom from someone. Eventually, he asked me “why did you leave”? I was appalled. I married again. I wasn’t abused physically but he almost left as soon as he found out I was pregnant. He stayed, then, until baby was born, then he just disappeared. Years later, I remarried. He turned violent and it got worse. He tried to kill me and almost succeeded. I got out but now had two small children with me.. Years later I married, again. He would become enraged, hit me, throw me, scream at me, threaten me and my children. He would terrify me and seemed to enjoy doing it. I was so mentally exhausted, I started school and eventually got an Associate degree, then a Bachelors and eventually Masters. My kids, a Masters and a Doctorate..