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In a blink of an eye my world changed forever.

By September 23, 2017 No Comments

I have had such a deep personal relationship with God for years. I woke up to Him, talked & prayed throughout the day, & fell asleep praising Him at night. I felt Him with me always! But something happened that rocked my world, my faith, & my spirit. On August 5, 2011 I got the news that my son had died. Chris was the love of my life! He was so full of life, hilariously funny, my hero, my strength, I loved him more than life! I was in denial & disbelief even after his funeral I felt numb, no emotion and totally disconnected from everything and everyone.The worst of all this was I didn’t feel God any more! For over a year I didn’t leave my house or talk much to my family. I shut everyone out. In 2015 I lost my job, & everything I owned got stolen.. I was homeless & miserable. A friend asked me to come to Granbury & stay with him & his mom. This is the turning point. God was guiding me back to Him! He led me to my church, grief counselor, career, life! But mostly His love!