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in bad situation find the positive

By May 17, 2017 No Comments

I spent 6 months in Tdjc. Had never been in trouble. Wrong place, wrong time. I didn’t think i could make it. But i had to hit the pit to realize that. I had prayed for help and spending that time brought me to my knees and probably saved my life. I became involved in local ministries involved. With prison. That was 20 years ago and recently shared my story at women’s night at church and it was amazing how many reached out to me. So. We just recently talked about us ladies reaching out to women in jail. I since have thought that time was bad but the outcome was awesome. I did make it through and i am much better for it today. So no matter how bad a situation seems there is a positive side to it. It’s there for the seeking and finding. I love KCBI and i HAVE HOPE! (:🌸💐