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In Pursuit of my Heart!

May 15, 2016

I was served divorce papers. I was shocked.It took my breath away. Memories of our 12 year marriage, plagued my mind. The pain was so deep and overwhelming. I thought of when he got mentally sick, how deep his struggle with depression got. I remembered the terror I felt reading a suicide letter he had written to me. 3 ½ years we battled his mental illness until it became unsafe for me and the girls.Then came the day that I found he was no longer being faithful to me. I found myself not realizing that pain can lead you to such a dark place and run much deeper than expected, a pain so deep that only the hands of God can reach. One day I heard the sweet voice of God calling me. He started tenderly wooing my broken ravaged heart. Every time he wooed me, He would romance my heart and begin to tell me. “Deanna I will never Divorce you. I will never reject you. I will never misuse your heart. I found a lover that will never disappoint me, a lover that will never end His pursuit of my heart.