Jay Allen

Instead Of A New Year’s Resolution, Try This

By January 3, 2022 No Comments

Over the past few years, we as a collective human race have been through a lot. 2020 and 2021 have been riddled with pandemic uncertainty, economic tensions, as well as emotional burnout. That’s why the idea of New Year’s resolutions for so many seems exhausting. To be honest, many of us are simply trying to survive emotionally and if that’s you, you’re not alone.

So if New Year’s resolutions aren’t your thing right now, try doing a past year’s reflection. Ask yourself these 4 questions:

  • What did you learn about yourself?
  • What do you want to be more intentional about?
  • What boundaries will you set up to ensure you don’t burnout?
  • What do you want to drop in the New Year to ensure you are happier?

This list of 4 questions isn’t exhaustive by any means so feel free to get creative in adding your own questions. But the goal here is to help you learn more about yourself. I often feel like many of our New Year’s resolutions fail so quickly because we haven’t taken the time to see if these goals are realistic for us in this season. That’s why it’s crucial that we understand that true wisdom doesn’t come from experience, it comes from evaluated experience.

And even if you have set New Year’s resolutions, don’t give up! By no means am I saying that New Year’s resolutions are bad because I love the idea of being intentional about bettering ourselves. But often we can put our happiness in whether or not we achieve our goals when in reality our joy and fulfillment doesn’t come from what we accomplish, but from who we are in Christ.

If you started a 1-year bible reading plan last year and only made it halfway through, that’s great! Just keep going. It just became an 18-month or a 2 year reading plan. In whatever goal you set, just know that what you are doing is good. Don’t get so concerned with self-induced timelines and numbers that we give up when we fall behind. Sometimes life happens!

However, if New Year’s resolutions aren’t your thing, you can try doing a last year reflection. Remember, simply surviving this period of time in our lives is a success on it’s own.

As we start 2022, may this year be a reminder that while the journey will never be easy, the arrival will always be worthwhile.