Praise Wall


Isabellas Challenge’ Cont. The people here in Lakeshore’ where I live, thrive on $$$. I understand, but I am in recovery. I desire to live on my own land, having built several CobHouses.Com, having an establishment with Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Natural herbs, Doing Esthetics, with massages, and serving healthy smoothies’ Administrating at my Bed/Breakfast Home, with a petting zoo. I want to sing and write my books. Plus my marry my Godly spouse & kids. God has amazing opportunities for me instore. I deserve it because, I have suffered. One of the most perfect gifts that God gave me was Forgiveness, And The gift of Love’ inspite of peoples dispositions or past offences.Over the Memorial Day’ Holiday weekend’ I spent over 12) hours preparing food for my community. I served well’ and it was received. Jesus fed the 5000, and never thought twice about it. I study my Word’ Pray for people. God wants A HolyHush’ from me. Pray for me. Gods will’ Psalm 105:37