Praise Wall

Isabellas Challenges’

Dear Jeff/ Rebecca, allow me to finish. When I was 20) I went awol. I flew overseas under my fathers powers/curses. I knew nothing. I was tired of the hum drum’ My mother didn’t want me in places far away. The FBI, Airforce, College, or Flight Attendant, was simply out of the question. So’ as it has been said’ An idle mind is the devils workshop. My story is filled with mystery’ excitement, and wonder of how God kept me alive in a foreign country inspite of the wiles of the devil.I was forced to marry someone I didn’t love’ etc. A stranger controlled & took over my life. All because my mother feared my dad and thought it be taboo’ to tell or forwarn us of the truth. 37) years later’ I am called to the prophetic, Love the Lord’ LoveMe’ and am no longer afraid, but I do recieve counsel so, that I can be better. I still minister to my family, and God gets the glory, but now when I awaken, I am looking for my Boaz, my kids, and my new heavenly life. Iam Joseph’ Prince of Egypt’